How to Auction?

  1. to participate in an on-line auction, you have to register and sign in (more information on registration and signing in can be found in the instruction manual on buying goods in on-line store).
  2. the attributes of each auctioned item are:
    • reserve price
    • current price
    • bid increment
    • number of offers
  3. you are informed on the auction duration by the countdown of "Auction ends in".

  4. to auction a selected item, click the hammer icon.

  5. the newly opened dialog box, enter the maximum cost that you're willing to invest the item. Please go through the "Auction Conditions" thoroghly, and if you agree with Them, check the "I agree" box.

  6. to confirm your bid, click on "Send".

  7. as soon as the auction ends, the winning bidder is automatically determined and informed via their contact email indicated at registration.
  8. to confirm the winning bid, the used has to react by clicking the link in the email. . After clicking on the link, a form of the auction item order completion opens. The user chooses a delivery and payment method and clicks "Send".
How to follow the auction's progress:
  • for each item in the auction, following the auction's progress can be activated by checking the box "Follow". From now on, you will be informed on every bid made by other users and on the item's auction progress.