How to Auction?

  1. Hall Auction Calendar

    Hall auction catalogues

    1. to place an auction order within a hall auction, the user must be registered and signed in (more information on registration and signing in can be found in the instruction manual on buying goods in the on-line store ).
    2. If you want to submit a statement for the Hall Auction, click on the symbol auction hammer for each item in the list of items or item detail Auction.

    3. to the newly opened dialog box, enter the limit. This is the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.

    4. to confirm auction order click "Send"

    5. now the auction item is in the order basket of hall auctions in the upper right part

    6. after clicking the order basket, you can change the item limit.

    7. for final shipment Hall auction order please click "next step" in a form that appears, check your personal data and choose the method of payment and delivery.

    8. Finally, click on "Send offer".


    9.       After the Auction is on our website in the downloads section subjected to evaluation Auction and you can download it.