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Welcome to the Website of Filatelie Klim

Our company engages is trading (purchase, selling, commission, auctions) collectable goods - phaleristics (medals and orders), philately (stamps), postcards, notaphily (paper money), numismatics (coins and medals), recently also historical documents (maps, shares, bonds) and other collectable material.

To every collector, we can offer equipment for maintenance and testing of their collections (various boxes, holders, magnifiers, scales...). Further, one must not forget about education. That's why our offer also includes newly published and other books and catalogues on collectable items.

Twice a year we organize stamp and banknote auction.

List of eshop items

List of auction items

Actual auctions in halls

František Josef I. 1848-1916 - 4 Dukát 1872...
grading : 1/1 price: 100000 CZK
František Josef I. 1848-1916 - 4 Dukát 1896,...
grading : 0/0 price: 80000 CZK
František Josef I. 1848-1916 - 4 Dukát 1870...
grading : 1/1 price: 140000 CZK
5 Rubles 1813, Pi. A8b, velmi vzácný
grading : 3 price: 100000 CZK


Merkur revue

Merkur Revue is a specialized magazine focused on philately, numismatics and notaphily, its main concern being philately.

MERKUR 1/2021 Aktuální číslo Merkur Revue
MERKUR 6/2020 Aktuální číslo Merkur Revue

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